Shoes manufacturing for mountain activities, trekking and for the outdoor sports

Kayland story goes back to 1971, when Giovanni Bittante founded a high profile shoes manufacturing company, specialized in technical shoes and boots for mountain activities and for the outdoors. Later, the company gave life to Kayland, specializing in development and production of shoes and boots for mountaineering, trekking and outdoor sports.

The company used to work closely with the Kayland Professional Team in order to forecast market trends and create cutting-edge products in each line.

In 1994, Kayland became the independent sport division of Bittante Spa and started paving its own path. Since March 2013, Kayland is part of MGM brands portfolio.

MGM is since long time a well-known company in the outdoor market and it has a reputation of excellent R&D deriving from almost hundred years of shoe manufacturing experience of the leading families. MGM was also born in Montebelluna (TV) in 1982. For many years the company led important cooperation projects with worldwide sport&sportswear leading brands.

– High quality products to keep the strategic position in a highly specialised market. Technical research, esthetics, careful materials selection and focus on fit.

– High value brand, upon which end consumers may rely in order to enhance customer loyalty and ensure positive promotion.

– Steady long-term growth with the specialised players present on the market.